Female Chest Pain – Right Side And Left Side

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Chest pain in women is not very serious most of the time. Anybody can experience the discomfort because of some minor symptoms like stress, indigestion and gas. Female chest pain on the right side can most of the time go away on its own without requiring any specific treatment. Somehow, if it continues to exist for a longer time period, it may indicate serious trouble..

We are going to discuss the problem of chest pain in women very deeply in this article. Also, we have shared some remedies and precautions to cure the problem Home without any expert treatment required.

What Is Chest Pain Female ?

Chest pain refers to discomfort in the upper abdominal part that may cover up other body areas as well. A feeling of sharp pain may differ in duration, severity, quality and location.  The chest pain can be some sort of dull pain or a very sharp one indicating different problems.

Chest pain in female weather on the right or left side can be because of various reasons like  Digestion, heart disease, lung problem, tiredness or any other underlying issue. According to the Centre for disease control and prevention, serious chest pain can occur amongst females leading to sudden heart attack. An unbearable amount of pressure in the chest area can result in temporary or  permanent discomfort including pain in the arm as well.

Female chest pain on the right side May not indicate presence of heart disease in the majority of the cases. It may be because of acidity, improper digestion or any other underlying cause that may still require medical attention if not cured for a longer time period.

Types of chest pain in female

  • Right side chest pain

Right side chest pain is most of the time not very serious and can be because of heartburn, muscular, pain or stress. It can be most of the time attended at home and might go away on its own.

  • Left side chest pain

Left Side chest pain in females is associated with medical conditions like lung problems or heart disease. Somehow, it may also arise because of stress or muscular strain which may not be very serious..

  • Chest pain in center

Chest pain in the center most of the time takes place when there is improper flow of oxygen in the body. The narrowing down of arteries usually indicates pain in the middle rib of the body causing somewhat damage to the heart.

Common Causes Behind Chest Pain In Women 

  • Gastro intestinal problem

Left side chest pain in women can be because of improper intestine functioning. It may cover up problems like heartburn and inflammation gallbladder. Even the presence of gallstones can lead to gastrointestinal troubles that must be addressed under expert guidance and supervision.

  • Lung Problem

Lung problems are associated with pneumonia and collapsed lungs . It can also indicate the presence of a kind of blood clotting that may further indicate the problem of pulmonary embolism.

  • Muscle problem

Women with broken or hurt muscles might experience chest pain at the right side. It Can be the result of some over exhausted muscles that bring consistent pain. Get a test done and find out whether the fracture or nerve pain is causing discomfort.

  • heart attack
  1. Shortness of breath with complete bodily discomfort
  2. Sweating and lightheadedness
  3. Asian pain in both the arms and back
  4. Feeling of pressure in the chest area

Sometimes the sensations causing chest pain may subside for a while whereas at times they may increase tremendously in a few minutes. There have also been medical cases reported where the problem was completely cured for a few hours and then re-occurred with double strength. Make sure that you keep in touch with a nearby doctor in such cases.

How To Diagnose Female Chest Pain?

 Noticing the problem of chest pain needs you to review the family medical history as the first step. The health expert might ask you for other symptoms related to chest pain. You might undergo certain tests in order to confirm the underlying reason behind chest pain in female

  • Medical x-ray help to look deeper inside the blood vessels lung and heart..
  • MRI test unleashes any existing damage in the heart or aorta
  • Stress test helps to find out the existing level of exertion in chest area
  • Echocardiogram helps to find out The existing condition of the heart in the form of a kaleidoscope.
  • Electrocardiogram identifies the overall electrical activity of heart

How To Treat Chest Pain In Female?

Most of the time your doctor will first of all diagnose the problem before suggesting any probable treatment. The medical test also depends on the urgency and extent of the problem. Sometimes the chest pain can be cured with the help of following medical treatments

  1. Medications are to widen of heart arteries and remove blood clotting of any type.
  2. Blood thinners
  3. Surgery
  4. Medications to unblock arteries
  5. Start Yoga for chest and lung

You might also get suggested with the following treatments 

  • Antacid to fight Heartburn and Acid problem
  • Rainflation for Improper lung function
  • Medication to reduce stress and anxiety

How to cure chest pain at home?

If you think that the chest pain is either because of indigestion or some minor trouble, a home remedy can easily help to ward off the problem. Here are some potential treatments for chest pain in females that can quickly work. Home remedies for chest pain can easily eliminate anxiety, muscular strain gas problems and digestive troubles. You do not need to spend a fortune on medical treatment in such cases. However, do not mind seeking for urgent medical attention in the following cases

  1. Consistent chest pains that he is very heavy and tight
  2. Suspect of heart attack
  3. Improper breathing patterns

Home remedies to cure chest pain in woman

You can try a couple of things at home to manage chest pain and prevent its recurrence in the future. We have come up with some easy home remedies that you can do in order to avoid undergoing medical treatment

  • Sip a hot drink

Hot drinks are highly helpful in eliminating gas pain while improving digestion very quickly. You can also prepare hibiscus tea that might not have a very good taste but is definitely soothing in case of chest pain. Hibiscus is highly associated with lowering down blood pressure and managing cholesterol related complications.

  • Consume almonds

Almonds are super beneficial in promoting digestion and eliminating acid reflux. You can crush a few almonds and have them with milk or chew them just like that. Various evidence supports that almonds come with an anecdotal effect that can avoid heart disease and of various types. It should be noted that regularly one must make it a habit to consume almonds and should not expect instant results in case of chest pain.

  • Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar can easily cure acid reflux and revive heart disease. It is also a natural blood thinner which your doctor might recommend otherwise in case of consistent chest pain. People consuming Apple cider vinegar are known to have a better digestion, proper stool and lower acidity.

  • Take rest

Sometimes heart pain can automatically go away when you elevate your head up to some level. Place a pillow behind your head and shoulder to ensure that you get some relief until medical help arrives..

  • Baking soda

Baking soda is another popular home remedy for curing chest pain in female. Prepare an alkaline solution to fight stomach acid causing consistent discomfort. Baking soda is a very good option to cure acidity and heartburn.

  • Cold Packs

Applying  Cold pack in the affected area can reduce internal swelling and strain that might be causing chest pain. Cold packs are also helpful in curing chest pain arising because of excess exercise and blunt activities.

  • Turmeric milk

Anti-inflammatory property of turmeric is associated with preventing a number of diseases including heart problems. Even if you have a higher cholesterol and chest congestion, turmeric milk is a great remedy to elevate chest discomfort

  • Garlic

Garlic can easily avoid plaque buildup in arteries and can provide a lot of overall benefit to health. Sipping hot garlic drink is one of the best remedies for chest pain.

Possible complications with chest pain

Any person suffering with chest pain and discomfort must be aware of the potential complications. Sometimes, the problem may be accompanied with Pain in the jaw, upper body and other areas. There can be a lot of sweating and lightheadedness as well. Women are more prone to feel uncomfortable in case of chest pain. One must know the symptoms of female heart attack and go for a medical consultation at the first signs of chest pain symptoms for chest pain itself. Instead of talking unusually And discussing with more and more people, a better idea would be to resort for medical attention so that whether something is more severe than heartburn.

Final words

Chest pain in women should not be ignored  even if it is mild and infrequent. You Must at least go for home remedies on an instant basis so that something serious can be avoided in the first place. People suspected of heart problems must quickly get medical attention. On time Chest pain treatment can help to sort out the trouble and save life.