Top 5 Diseases people encounter because of Smoking Tobacco

Top 5 Diseases people encounter because of Smoking Tobacco respiratoryclinics

Smoking Cigarette Is Injurious To Health

How cool does it look when people smoke, that moment feels amazing, right? And how cool it looks when the same people suffer from the most deadly diseases, that moment must be feeling terrible, right? Both the situations are avoidable if a person decided to stop or not smoke. But here, we are going to put information about the Top 5 worst diseases caused by smoking.

The human body is just tolerant up to a level of tobacco intake, in the short span it will start reacting to it. Here are a few diseases that can occur due to smoking:

1. Lung Cancer:
This fatal disease is caused by smoking cigarettes, pipes, and cigars, basically smoking any substance of tobacco can cause this disease. Tobacco smoke is a mixture of 7,000 Toxic chemicals that can cause cancer easily. Each passing day, the risk of Lung cancer intensifies even for those who smoke one cigarette a day.

Tobacco smoking involves a substance named Tar, this sticky substance will stick to your lungs, which will make your struggle to breathe normally.

People, who decide to quit smoking tobacco, encounter less ratio of percentage of getting lung cancer than people who smoke regularly. Lung cancer can occur at any age, be self-aware and protect your body from toxins.

2. Heart Disease:
The human heart is the one body organ that controls the blood flow and makes sure we function correctly. Smoking can cause blockages in arteries which means that the heart will not get enough oxygen and blood to function correctly. Regular smoking can speed up the process of narrowing the coronary arteries.

This can lead up to heart attack as well. Smoking tobacco does not only harm your heart but eventually spread the diseases all over your body.

3. Asthma:
Also passed through genetics, Asthma is another form of lung disease as it is connected with breathing issues. As Smoking affects our respiratory system, asthma is triggered. Creating irritation in the lining of airways, smoke triggers asthma.

People, who are already suffering from Asthma and also smoke, are high to suffer more, as the medicine stops working for them. As cilia are damaged due to smoking, mucus builds us and blocks airways, making it difficult to breathe. Once the respiratory system takes the damage, Asthma patients should consult a doctor for further treatment.

4. Diabetes:
There are two types of diabetes, type 1 and type 2. Smoking tobacco is one of the causes of Type 2 diabetes. And if the person already is suffering from Diabetes, they can face more health problems such as heart disease, Retinopathy (causing blindness), Kidney disease, and many more. In such scenarios, it is better to quit smoking. Because the more the person smokes, the chances of diabetes rise.

Of people who smoke tobacco, 30%-40% are likely to get diabetes type 2. Because of this condition, it is difficult to manage insulin doses and their situation.

5. Different types of Cancers:
It is not unknown that smoking causes cancer in our bodies. There are different kinds of cancer that people can encounter: Pancreatic cancer, cervix cancer, stomach cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer, mouth cancer, and many more. The list just goes on, all because of a single cigarette or cigar or anything that contains tobacco. It is always a better option to avoid smoking in the first place rather than realizing it in the worst case.

Some multiple helplines and centers want to help people overcome their addictions. This way people can start afresh lifestyle and avoid all the consequences they face because of smoking tobacco. Among the main causes of asthma symptoms, smoking irritates the lining of the airways. People with asthma may be more at risk from second-hand smoke. Adults are especially at risk, but so too are children. your suffering meet best asthma doctor in south delhi.